From Holland with love...
Who are we?

Wholesale Flowers and Plants

High quality flowers and plants.
We buy a large selection of flowers and plants in all colors, shapes and sizes with two similarities: they are of the highest quality and specially purchased for you by Klahee Flower Export. Klahee is the supplier of fresh flowers and plants directly from Holland to all of Europe. For years and years we buy exclusively from the best growers. Our flowers and plants are very fresh.  And we have a good value for money. As we personally take care of!

From Holland with love...

Your online order will be purchased by us from the right growers, processed and packaged.
We know those breeders personally. That’s how we keep control of quality and we’re always informed where your flowers and plants are coming from. That way you have the assurance that time after time you can offer the most fresh and beautiful flowers and plants from Holland to your customers with love.

Who is Klahee?

Klahee Flower Export is Jeffrey van Klaveren and Johan Heemskerk. Two experts with knowledge of flowers and decades of experience in the flower business. We know exactly what the best time is for any kind of flowers and we are happy to advise you. 

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 Where is your business located?
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Jeffrey van Klaveren

Jeffrey van Klaveren

NL +31 6 51 24 55 46
Johan Heemskerk

Johan Heemskerk

NL +31 6 20 49 38 33
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